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Stuck for a top?  A Prop? Need a real  cover up?  Here is a quick list of helpful online shops for a new shiny 'something', that missing piece, or the brilliant idea for something new! 

Company found by former Bellydance Superstar Nourhan Sharif,  there is plenty to choose from or get ideas

Jilbab, kaftans, galabeyas, assuit
Hijabs, hijab pins, abayas

practice wear, costumes

skirts with matching veils, tops -- they always seem to have that missing piece

*The BEST zills on the planet  -- hey look!  Could THAT be moi on the logo?  Hmmm...LOL

Turquoise International
*cymbals, canes, swords, tamborines, tablas, fringe

swords, fans, fan veils, canes, isis wings, meleya, shemdan

melaya, candlebras, head pieces/crowns, gloves, shoes, burkas/face veils, fine gifts -- need a tent to dance in?

tablas, swords, zills, fine gifts, reks, oud, mezmar/ney

Bells Online
*finger bells, ankle bells

Missing coins? Cha-Ching!
Isis wings, veils, swords, canes, zills
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